Real Problems of Joint Family System

Where people talks about the advantages of the joint family system at large level, people also find out many problems while living with one another. There must be many advantages to be living together in the form of saving money by different ways by living together. People also code examples of joint family system of old age before and after partition in subcontinent.

According to opinions of some people as there was a time when people wanted to live together due to some reasons and they also afforded to each other. They always thought about their elders and liked to obey their orders as their forefathers did. People liked to be together and took it sign of betterment in the society. They even lived with one another in a single home with many family members and never minded it.

According to analyst that was a time of simplicity and family members used to give regard to each other. They loved to their home and family members and never tried to use anybody for their own wish. Family members used to respect to their elders and females who used to live with them. Men always used to respect to all females like their mothers and sisters.

But, unfortunately, now-a-days, the whole scenario has been reversed. People like to live alone and separately. People do not want to live tighter and they also had no time for their elders. They do not want to take dictations from their elders for their brighter future. Our new generation has started to take their decisions at their own.

On the other hand, if some people take decisions to be live tighter, they find some awkward gestures in their home. Family members do not have respect for the females living in their home. It is also reported many times as brother of husband is engaged with his brother’s wife and they are started to have romance with each other. In reality, it is not the beauty of joint family system. In old days, men always had respect for all ladies in their homes.

Unfortunately, in sub-continent, there are hundreds and thousands cases reported regarding harassment with brother’s wife or by some other means. On this hot issue, sometime, people also lose their lives and many more. There are also many other reasons that have been uncontrolled in the way of joint family system. People also have short-tempered behavior due to which they cannot live together with family members.


Sometimes, the fight between sons of two brothers also becomes the reason of partition. It also happened in early ages but the elders of that age were really powerful and they had full command and control. But, unfortunately, now elders look helpless in this matter and they had no control over their coming generation. They also get sometime unnoticed to themselves when they observe the rude behavior of their children. Actually they are all cutting what they have sewed.