Latest story about Saddam Hussain – False or True

In April, 2018, there were several social media portals and in the Europe and Arabic Countries as well, who claimed as the corpse of Saddam Hussain was still intact. There was a video that also showed some amateur who carried his corpse for shifting purpose from one place to another. However, in reality, it is also being said as it is false video and almost 12 years old when it was happened on 30, December 2006.

According to reports, as the video was shared in real time about 9,000 times over many social media portal including facebook. According to report, it was the group of Freedom Justice Diallogue Soninkara who belongs to Western Africa community.

Anyhow, after watching the whole video that was come in the market as a new one, one can see as the casket was fully covered with flag of Iraq country. Then the casket was opened, amateur was started to carry out “Allah Akbar” after the getting the glance of the face of dead man “Saddam Hussain”. According to one comment on the video the tomb was excavated just for the purpose to transfer the body to hometown of Late Iraqi President.

He further shared about the views of the corpse as the whole body of Late Iraqi President was saved from decomposing which was really miraculous.

On the other hand, it is also being said as it was a real and big shit from someone as the whole video was taken and picked some of context from the old video. People can also watch the old video only by typing the words “burial ceremony of Saddam Hussain” back in 2007 over Youtube. It is also narrated as the body was also buried in vative village of him already near Tikrit.

According to reports when it was happened back in 2006, the face of the dead body was also shown to all relatives of and family members. It was also a part of ritual as it was also considered necessary to show them the face of the dead body before burring in the grave. After placing to dead body, it is also oriented toward Mecca.

It is also reported as the tomb of the Late Iraqi President was also destroyed during the fight of ISIS with security forces of Iraq. Anyhow, there were some loyalists of Late Iraqi President who claimed as they had shifted the dead body of their hero to secret location. But, there was no solid proof of it and other people had to accept it as true.

It is also astonished as the former dictator Saddam Hussain remains popular and famous after twelve years of death in his community. It only happens because of the animosity against Israel as people of Iraq hate to Israel at large level. On the other hand, people were so calm and stable in the reign of Late Iraqi President as they had no severe conditions in his reign.


According to some readers and analysts, as Allies of America had no strong proofs against Saddam Hussain but they did wrong with him and with his people. It is also said as Allies could not get any harmful detonators that might cause problem for the whole world. Analysts from the whole world have admitted as Late Iraqi President was not a culprit at all as America showed him before the whole world.